Friday, July 20, 2018

6 types of PR pros based on Starbucks drinks

Communications is a career that requires long days and an ability to manage multiple tasks—and stress.

Because of this, caffeine is often in order. Whether it’s when walking through your organization’s doors in the morning or after an intense strategy session, PR pros often have coffee in hand or are making a Starbucks run (settling for break room java when necessary).

Consider these six descriptions below, then comment below on which type fits your PR personality:

Featured Dark Roast


You’re organized, direct and like to get straight to the point. You’re a no-frills communicator who excels at creating effective PR strategies and cutting through jargon in your copy. You might have previously been a journalist, which also explains why you like this caffeine staple early and often.

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Caffè Mocha


You fully embrace the “public” in “public relations” and enjoy building relationships with clients, reporters, co-workers and consumers. You’re friendly and outgoing—and don’t mind picking up your phone to follow up on your pitch and secure media coverage.

When you do pick up the phone, heed these follow-up tips for PR pros to ensure that your friendliness and persistence comes across as helpful, not annoying.

Unicorn Frappuccino


You know the latest trends and are highly active across social media platforms. Your PR brain thinks in tweets and easily spins off strategies and tactics to reach your audience and fulfil your organization’s goals. You probably have used the phrase, “Do it for the ‘Gram” at least once.

You can teach your colleagues a lot about the latest best practices for these quickly changing platforms, but also listen to veteran communicators of other specialties. They can help you hone your PR prowess in the areas of measurement, strategy and more.



You’re a stylish PR pro who is busy—and doesn’t mess around. You have a list of tasks to accomplish, and no one will stand in your way. With what is probably the latest smartphone and accessories, you’ll multitask by reading the news and answering emails while waiting in line.

Though your commitment and speed are admired, make sure you take time for yourself so you don’t experience PR burnout. A PR career has been noted as one of the most stressful, so a vacation every now and then (or a weekend when you digitally detox) can help keep you energized.

Cappuccino or Flat White


You’re a creative PR pro who usually has an idea ready to go in any brainstorming session.

You’re lively and enjoy working on projects that challenge and inspire you. Preferring to focus on storytelling and tactics that let you flex your artistic muscles, spreadsheets might make you shudder. Pair yourself with a mentor or co-worker who has outstanding analytical skills, and you’ll be a pair that’s tough to beat.

Chai Tea Latte


You’re an introvert, which might make some people scratch their heads that you work in PR. However, introverts can make great communicators: Your words tend to be spoken more thoughtfully than some of your extroverted co-workers and you come prepared for many communications situations, including crises.

Just carve out alone time in between meetings, phone calls and presentations—perhaps while enjoying your tea (or other drink of choice).

What drink (and PR personality type) would you add to the list?

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