Monday, April 22, 2019

Job Opportunity: MeetElise – Director of Customer Success

MeetElise is a NYC and DC-based startup using artificial intelligence to make good housing affordable to all by making it less expensive to manage apartment buildings.

They are looking to hire a Director of Customer Success to develop the customer success process (onboarding, support, insights) and lead the customer success team.

About the Director of Customer Success Role

MeetElise is growing quickly and you’ll be building out a customer success process that will support customer growth to our first million apartments by the end of 2020 and beyond.

Your Objectives

  1. Develop a customer success process and team that can onboard and serve 1 million apartment units by 2020.
  2. Set ambitious customer service metrics and exceed them.
  3. Gather and distill insights from our customers about how to make our products better.

Key Activities and Questions

Build out our customer success process.

  1. Metrics
    1. What metrics do we need to ensure we provide efficient and exceptional customer service?
  2. Customer Onboarding
    1. How do we make onboarding and training an exceptional experience for our customers?
    2. How do we significantly reduce the time and effort MeetElise spends onboarding each customer?
  3. Customer Support
    1. How do we prioritize competing customer support requests?
    2. How do we provide complete solutions as quickly as possible?
  4. Customer Insights
    1. How do we create a regular feedback loop with our customers so we’re constantly getting better and building the right things?
    2. How do we identify the biggest problems and product growth opportunities?
  5. Contract Renewals and Upselling
    1. How do we build strong relationships with our customers?
    2. How do we encourage our customers to use more MeetElise products?

Hire, lead, and retain a driven customer success team to help you achieve all of the above.

Our Ideal Candidate

  1. You’re excited about providing customers with an exceptional experience and solving the housing industry’s problems with AI.
  2. You love building processes, bringing order to chaos, and know how to prioritize.
  3. You’re hungry to learn and constantly experimenting to make things better.
  4. You’re excited to join a small startup team and pitch in anywhere (including sales).
  5. You have 4+ years in customer success and 2+ years managing a team.
  6. You’ve worked at a B2B startup and 6 day work weeks don’t scare you.

Note: We value potential over qualifications, so we’re willing to take a risk on someone who can grow into this role.

Location: New York, NY or Washington, DC

Compensation and Benefits

  1. Competitive salary
  2. Stock options
  3. 401K
  4. Medical, dental, vision
  5. Gym membership (or physical activity equivalent) stipend
  6. Maternity / paternity leave
  7. Flexible vacation (we trust you’ll get the work done)
  8. All the tools you need (computer, monitors, etc.)
  9. Team outings and home cooked meals

Interested? Please send your resume (or link to detailed LinkedIn profile) and an email introducing yourself and why you want to join MeetElise.

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