Tuesday, October 2, 2018

4 myths about great workplaces

Many have felt that surge of envy when friends and peers describe their seemingly cushy work situations—whether it’s unlimited time off, luxurious office amenities or free gourmet snacks.

All that glitters is not gold, though—and those perks don’t necessarily translate into a fulfilling work environment.

Are you falling for the following myths about great workplaces?

1. Myth: Ping-Pong tables and happy hours are all you need for a great culture

Fact: A few fun touches might satisfy employees in the short run, but honest communication, inclusivity and strong values are what build a lasting culture.

2. Myth: Millennial employees want the same things as their older colleagues

Fact: Younger employees have different lifestyles and work preferences—and good HR communicators must take note of them.

3. Myth: Investing in talent development is a waste of time and money

Fact: Your employees want to grow their skills and responsibilities, and if you don’t give them that opportunity, another organization will.

4. Myth: If you pay employees well, they won’t leave your organization

Fact: It takes much more than a high salary to keep employees engaged and productive—something the experts at Zappos, Facebook, Johns Hopkins Medicine and Google understand.

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