Monday, October 30, 2017

11 great writing apps for Apple devices

Finding an outstanding iOS writing app can be challenging.

Microsoft Word, arguably the best word processor available, was designed for Windows.

Developers have answered the call, and diehard Apple fans can find several high-quality writing apps. Whether you need a full-scale word processor or a simple notetaking app, there are great options for iOS users. Here are 11 to try:

1. Byword is one of the best markdown editors out there. It supports TXT, TEXT, MD, MMD, MARKDOWN, MARKDN, MDOWN, MKDN, MARKD and Fountain file formats—and you can export your pieces as PDFs and HTML documents.

2. Editorial boasts a built-in multi-tab web browser and Dropbox integration, as well as an inline preview for taskpaper, markdown and foundation documents.

3. 1Writer, one of the best notetaking apps for iOS, can be used to write down ideas, for research or to revise past ideas.

4. iA Writer Pro provides all the tools and features you expect from a word processor, but without the hefty price tag.

5. Pages is Apple’s response to Microsoft Word. A professional-grade word processor, it has every feature a writer might need.

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6. Ulysses, named for James Joyce’s masterpiece, is used by many professional writers who favor iOS. It boasts a simple, yet effective design, is easy to use, has workflow options and a slew of export options, and syncs across various iOS devices.

7. Werdsmith is free and loaded with features. It has a great user interface and Dropbox integration, and it can be used on iPod Touch.

8. Bear is a barebones, markdown notetaking app best used for taking notes and writing prose. You can also input notes, making it great for studying/reviewing while you’re in transit to and from school or work.

9. Microsoft Word for iOS is a flawless iOS version of its flagship word processor.

10. Grammarly is a free grammar-checking app that will help you make basic corrections and improve your grammar, so you’ll never struggle with spelling, syntax and sentence structure. (The paid version offers even more features.)

11. App helps writers bolster their vocabulary, check the meanings of new words, and find synonyms for words they overuse. Besides, we all misspell words occasionally and rely on that wavy red underscore to point out mistakes. This app is free and also comes in a lite version.

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