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This Blog Will Suck Less (Or How I Got My Motivation Back)

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ofPosted: 1/28/2019 | January 28th, 2019

Let me say what most of you are (probably) thinking: this blog kind of sucked in 2018. It actually might have started sucking a bit toward the end of 2017. Maybe even 2016.

What do I mean by that?

Well, while we continue to produce “how-to” content that I am very proud of and think is better and more detailed than what else you’ll find on the web (’cause we’re the best!), those kinds of articles — while I like writing them because, to me, budget travel is like solving a puzzle (and they are great for Google) — just doesn’t make a blog….well, a blog.

They lack personality.

They are helpful, sure, but you read blogs because of the people behind them, not just the useful information they give.

And think this website has become a lot less personal and a bit stale over the last couple of years.

I just haven’t been motivated to write anything “personal.” Once in a while, sure, but like in the old days? Ehhh. Not really.

I don’t travel as much as I used to and think my days are pretty mundane. I mean who cares about what I eat for breakfast, what I do on the weekends, or really anything non-travel related?

Moreover, I felt like my thoughts and feelings about travel were already out there and that there was nothing else really left to say.

So what was left to write about?

Another “best hostel in X” post, that’s what!

I don’t feel I really wrote anything “groundbreaking: last year. A lot of what we posted in 2018 was just old posts updated with new content.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned moving to Paris (temporarily but maybe forever? Who knows! I got to try it out first). NYC is an unproductive place for me and I want to spend more time writing this year. I need a new space for that. I need a place where I feel my creative juices flowing.

I don’t know if that is Paris but I know it’s not NYC.

But, as I mentioned in that post, this year, I want to change this website too.

Or, should I say, change it back to what it used to be.

I want to write more stories.

After a two year break and a case of unmotivation, I’m finally feeling motivated again.

This year you’re going to see not only the “how-to” posts we’re good at here but also more of me — more about my life as a traveler, more posts about the emotional ups and downs of travel, and more posts about people.

I’ve got a dozen articles drafted on my desktop: thoughts on globalization and travel, plastic and travel, life in hostels, what I hate about travel right now, being connected “to home” on the road (I’ve noticed a lot of hostels have Netflix now), getting “stuck” in places, why I never want to hear about digital nomads again, and a bunch more stuff!

I’ve been writing up a storm this month.

And I’m also going to start sharing more photos and stories on my Instagram (especially as I’ll probably have a lot to say when trying to settle into Paris)!

One other thing that is happening this year: I’m opening the website up to more guest posters starting in March. I want to bring in different voices and more stories on the website. People who are just starting out or have expertise in a certain area.

It’s a new idea. I don’t know how it will work. I want to create some guidelines first (so don’t email just yet! If you do, we won’t reply!) as I want to make sure we do this right!

So, yes, new year, new me!

But also a “new” blog!

I’m excited to make this website personal again.

Who knew I had so much still left to say after all?

I guess all that was missing was a bit of motivation!

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